Movie Remote Kids Support

You need to be running two instances of the app, one being a 'Controller' and the other a 'Player'. This choice is made within the app after launch. After purchase you can install additional versions of the app without charge for devices using the same iTunes account.

After you've installed Movie Remote Kids you need to add your Mp4 and MOV files that you wish to play using the app. Due to Apple restrictions we are currently unable to access any movie files you may have in your 'Videos' app. If your files are of another format they can easily be changed using free Mac and PC software such as the widely used Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip

Choose which device you're going to use as the 'Player' and connect it to your computer and launch iTunes. Select your device, then click on the 'Apps' tab and scroll down to 'File Sharing'. Choose 'Movie Remote Kids' in the list. You can then either click 'Add' to choose which files to add to your Movie Remote Kids library, or simply drag your movie files onto the list view. Your files will be copied directly to the Movie Remote Kids library on your device. Watch our demo move below to see how easy it is!

Ensuring that you either have Bluetooth running on both devices, or that they're connected to a local wifi network, launch the app on the individual devices. You'll then be asked whether the app should be a 'Controller' or a 'Player'. Choose which device should play the movies and which should control the other. This choice will be the default on further launches and can be changed at any time within the settings menu.

The 'Player' requires no further interaction once launched. Simply launch the 'Controller' app on another device to control the 'Player'

Upon launch the 'Controller' will access a 'Player' devices movie library, if a 'Player' isn't running then the app will ask you to launch it. Once both are connected your scrollable list of files in the Movie Remote Kids library will be displayed. Simply tap your choice for it to start playing on the 'Player'. You can change the movie playing by selecting another choice at any time. The status window at the bottom of the display will show the current file being played and it's running time.

To change the volume on the 'Player' device tap the volume button and the adjustment wheel will slide into view. Slide the wheel up or down to instantly change the volume level. Click 'Close' to hide the wheel.

Other functions such as 'Stop', 'Play', 'Pause' and 'Scrub' will appear as required. The 'Scrub' button will slide in the scrubber bar allowing you to jump to any given point in a movie. During this process the movie will pause. It'll start playing once you tap the 'Scrub' button to hide the bar.

Tap the settings icon to bring up the available options.

'Change Controller', switch 'On' to have the 'Controller' offer the option to have it's state changed on it's next launch.

'Change Player', switch 'On' to have a request sent to the 'Player' so that it gives the option to have it's state changed on it's next launch. The player needs to be running and connected for this action to be successful.

'Confirmation Prompts', switch 'On' to have the 'Controller' confirm changes in the movie being played. This applies when a user taps a different file in the list, or the 'Play', 'Pause' and 'Stop' buttons.

Q: I don't understand how to get movies into the app?
A: Please view the above YouTube video on how to load movies. In short you need to attach your device to your computer and load any files you wish to view with Movie Remote Kids directly into the app. This is done by launching iTunes, selecting your device then selecting the 'Apps' tab. If you then scroll down within this window you will see 'File Sharing'. Simply select Movie Remote in the available list and then you just add your files to the adjacent documents window by either drag and drop or by clicking the 'add' button. Your files are then copied across to the app and ready for playing. All files have to reside on the 'player' and not on the 'controller' state of the app.

Q: I don't have access to the 'Controller', how do I change the state of my 'Player'?
A: To force a hard reset of the apps 'Player' state, tap all four corners of your devices screen and a message will appear to confirm the reset has been acknowledged. Quit and restart the app and you will be asked which state you'd like the app to be, i.e., 'Controller' or 'Player'

Q: Is there a maximum amount of files I can have in my 'Player'?
A: No, but of course you are limited by the size of the available memory on your device.

Q: Can I quit the 'Controller' app if a movie is active on the ''Player'?
A: Yes, you can relaunch the 'Controller' at any time and it will seamlessly reconnect to the 'Player'.

Q: What formats of movie file can I use?
A: Currently .Mp4, .Mov and .M4v (DRM free) files are supported.

Q: How do I get the movies in my 'iPod' or 'Videos' app into the Movie Remote Kids app?
A: Currently Apple do not allow for a third party app to access any videos that are within the default app. However, you can access these files on your computer and copy them into the Movie Remote Kids app by using the iTunes process detailed in the 'Loading Movies' section above.

Q: Can I play movies purchased through iTunes?
A: Unfortunately Apple do not allow this due to protection of movie rights.

Q: How can I get further help, make a suggestion or report a bug?
A: We're always happy to receive feedback, good or bad, so please get in touch

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